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Think About These Statements & If Any Piece of The Puzzle Relates To You

You sometimes use food as an emotional escape.  You find yourself binge eating because it makes you feel better.

You find yourself constantly thinking about food.

You want to get healthy (mind, body, and soul) and stay healthy.

You need and want a high support level.  You also need someone that is passionate about helping you and compassionate towards your situation.

You are ready to change for good.

You eat out of boredom or for no reason other than taste.

You turn to food for support.

You have tried other weight loss programs in the past and they have not worked for you.

You are ready to work hard and have it pay off FOR GOOD!

Can you relate to any of these? Then keep reading…

When working with family, friends, and people we’ve helped them as a weight loss coach and have found that people have a true desire to change. They want to eat better, be more active, and feel better about their overall life. They start the process, but then they get stuck! That’s not a reason to give up, it’s a reason to get help!

That is the exact reason why we created Diamond Body Image and the weight loss programs that we offer are programs like no other. We are here to give you the power to push through the rut and meet your goals. We have the knowledge and skill set to help you with this because we have both been there!

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Signature Weight Loss Program

The Signature Weight Loss Program is a complete 8 week program that focuses on changing short term diet habits, into long lasting lifestyle shifts. We guide you through the tough parts of the weight loss journey. 1. Emotion’s (No more self sabotage) 2. Eating (Actionable steps each week) 3. Exercise (Start at your fitness level and increase over time). No more guessing, over 90 videos of complete guidance to get you started losing weight the right way.

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Group Weight Loss Program

We offer unique group weight loss programs 4 times per year.  This weight loss program includes key features to get you started on your health and weight loss journey and are very personalized. Our MeetUp.com groups are always limited to the amount of participants and tend to book up very fast.

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Personal Weight Loss Program

Complete personalized plan that fits your lifestyle. We provide highly individualized support with our personal weight loss program and promise to be by your side the entire time. 

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