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8 week Weight Loss Program

**Results May Vary from Person to Person

Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean you should expect weight gain… loss of muscle tone… and decreased health.

It’s just a fact of life, and there’s nothing you can do about it, right?

After all, there are so many things working against you:


  • Our ability to burn more fat, by simply keeping everything the same doesn’t work anymore.


  • The older we get the more our hormones change.This can have a big impact on weight gain, mood and energy levels.


  • Everyone around us seems to always need something. How in the world are we supposed to put ourselves first?


  • Relaxation is to far and few, we feel entitled for a reward, no matter if it is a sweet treat, eating out, or a great tasting cocktail.


  • Health issues run in our family history so that leads us to believe that we are more prone to them

Christy, 42 Lost 30 lbs & 6 Inches!

**Results May Vary from Person to Person

 “Avril and The Get Started Losing Weight Program were instrumental in helping me turn my body into what it is today. I had tried everything, both diets and exercise programs, to no avail, nothing seemed to stick.

Then I came across The Get Started Losing Weight Group and met Avril. Going through with the program with Avril as my personal coach made my weight loss journey simple and attainable and look at the results . She helped me understand a healthy diet plan along with an exercise plan that I could handle (only because she helped me with the emotional part to) it worked! When I look at this photo, I almost can’t believe the transformation”

Feeling Entergetic & Sexy Doesn’t Have To Be Impossible!

If You Are Still Reading This, I Am Guessing You Have…

Gone on crazy deprivation diets that force you to give up most of the foods and beverages you love, like sweet treats, bread, pasta & the beloved relaxation cocktail only to realize you’re miserable & cannot do this the rest of your life.

Grown tired of making special meals for yourself & making the regular version for your family. Just because YOU are “dieting” doesn’t mean that they want to eat bun-less turkey burgers.

Tried working out, but you really don’t have extra time to spare to go to the gym. Plus the workout at home selection was designed & taught by skinny, fit, little 20 something year old’s that have no clue what you need and where you should start.

You’ve tried to follow along with “extreme” workout videos presented by (and designed for) women in their 20s… and it didn’t take long for you to toss these videos aside to collect dust!

Losing weight and keeping it off has to be do-able in YOUR life!

I am guessing a few of the points above made you shake your head and say “uh-huh”… but here is the truth, you’re not alone!

It drives me insane when I see women go through the same thing that I did. Trying EVERY fad diet, diet pills, and ridiculous extreme workout programs. Only to do what? Gain the weight back and feel like a failure, not to mention the money wasted. Hard earned money wasted on short term “fixes” they do not stick with and even compromising their health.

You’re busy, with a lot of commitments and responsibilities.

The only way you are going to lose weight and keep it off for good is if you use a way in which you lose weight that is realistic in your everyday life and easy to stay with it.

Not cutting hours out of your day to workout

Not having to give up all of the foods that you love

Not worrying about where the willpower will come from

No need to make separate meals from what your family is eating. No need to drive to a gym to get in a good workout. No need to ever doubt yourself and your abilities to succeed!

No thank you. You just want to lose weight, LIVE and look AMAZING!

Try The Weight Loss Program Free for 7 Days!

7 Day  Free Trial –  PLUS 14 Day Full Refund – Money Back Guarantee.

Fortunately, Now There’s a Simple Way to Lose Weight, Improve Health and Energy, and Get the Attractive Body You Deserve…

My name is Avril Baxter. I lost 97 lbs and have kept off for 7 years all while working full time, raising 3 kids and a husband.

I maintain a slim body year round, not because I have superior genetics (I taught my mother to do the same thing) or because I spend endless hours in the gym because I ONLY workout at home.

I’ve been training women in their late 30’s, and 40s and 50s who had previously tried all sorts of fad diets, extreme workout programs, and other gimmicks that didn’t do anything but relieve them of their time, money, energy and confidence.

I knew that these women had tried diet after diet… and workout program after workout program. And they had run into the same problems with every single one of them:

They took up to much time, they were boring and unrealistic, they were overwhelming, and they forced you to give up things that you love the most.

Those things aren’t a recipe for getting and keeping a healthy, attractive body. They’re a recipe for misery and failure!

I knew I had to do something about it. These were hard-working, talented women who deserved to look great and feel wonderful about themselves… instead of feeling like they were “stuck” with bodies they weren’t proud of!

So I tapped into my own needs on my weight loss journey, coupled with lots of research…

… and finally, we developed a simple and realistic weight loss program known as the The Get Started Losing Weight Program which allows women just like you, to get the slimmer & attractive bodies and achieve vibrant health and energy– without exhausting workouts, starving themselves, or resorting to dangerous weight loss pills and powders!

And best of all… I’ve created a way for you, to lose weight, keep it off and start seeing results now, even if you, even if you’ve struggled with excess weight for years!

**Results May Vary from Person to Person

This Is Exactly What You Will Experience With The Get Started Losing Weight Program

Look Better in Your Clothes

Feel More Energized

Have Better Relationships

Look at Life Differently

Feel Control

Have Better Sex

Look Healthy

Feel Powerful

Have More Success

This Is What You Get With The Get Started Losing Weight Program

The program addresses the 3 E’s of transformative weight loss. Achieving your weight-loss goals has never been easier.

Motivation & Will Power

The emotional E is the key to your success so be inspired to discover the new you.


The key to a successful weight loss program is the emotional mindset of the participant.  The program first and foremost focuses on giving you motivation and will power to succeed.  It does this in 3 ways:

  1. You will be motivated and inspired to stick with the plan with an  inspirational video from me to watch at the beginning of each week.
  2. I will send you a daily will power booster to help you stay focused and sustain your will power to overcome temptations so that you succeed in your weight loss journey.
  3. Every week will end with another video where I  help you reflect and celebrate all your accomplishments that week to keep you on the right path for success.
Try The Weight Loss Program Free for 7 Days!

7 Day Free Trial – PLUS 14 Day Full Refund – Money Back Guarantee.


80% of your weight loss will come from how you eat.  It is proven that you have to change your long term eating habits in order to keep the weight off.  Typical diets fail in the long run because they are focused on starvation & depravation and are not sustainable for life.

This program is about rewiring your approach to food.  I believe in educating you how to make smarter choices about every day foods and changing habits.  There are no special foods to buy or No obscure ingredients.  Just real meals for real life!

This is NOT a short-term, fad diet but a lifestyle shift.

Simple & Realistic Plan

56 Days of Transformation


Not in shape?  Hate exercise?  We get it!  This is the only exercise program that starts at a basic, beginner level and gradually increases the intensity over 8 weeks.  This isn’t about becoming a swimsuit model, but about feeling sexy & loving the reflection you see in the mirror.

30-minute routines you can do at home or where ever you are.  No intimidating gyms or expensive, intense exercise equipment needed.

This is real life, I guide you through each workout explaining the move and motivating you to keep going through the entire workout.

I am ready to stop aging and feel the best I ever have!

Real People Just Like You. Achieving Real Results.

This program is for busy women who are sick and tired of failed diets and ready to achieve the body that makes them feel great and look fantastic! Daily MOTIVATION to keep your willpower high and your confidence soaring!

In 8 weeks Beka lost 30 lbs

**Results May Vary from Person to Person

Stop procrastinating! Stop wasting money on gimmicks! Stop cheating yourself out of the body you desire! Get Started Losing Weight Now! SIGN UP NOW!

Try The Weight Loss Program Free for 7 Days!

14 Day Trial – Full Refund – Money Back Guarantee.

Full Support System For Your Success

Support and advice from me and my team!

Encouragement from like-minded women who share your goals and vision!

Get answers to all of your questions so that you’ll never be “stuck!”

LIFETIME access!

Online personal trainers

The Get Started Losing Weight Program Overview

That’s 90 videos to guide you on your weight loss journey PLUS…

  • Daily Motivation Trigger to keep your will power high all day long
  • Personal 1:1 Support and Advice from Your Online Personal Trainer
  • The Complete Meal Plan & Guide with Recipes
  • The Get Started Losing Weight Exercise Guide
  • Private Facebook Group for Support & Motivation

That’s an amazing amount of step by step instruction for only $219.98!

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Bonus Guides– From eating out to unlocking your inner motivation

Access to the Referral Program– Get $ tell your friends what you’re doing

Free admission into the accountability group– Stay accountable weekly

Try The Weight Loss Program Free for 7 Days!

14 Day Trial – Full Refund – Money Back Guarantee.

Try the program for 14 days and if is not working for you, we will gladly refund 100% of your money back.  No asterisks.  No gimmicks…just like the program.

Try The Weight Loss Program Free for 7 Days!

14 Day Trial – Full Refund – Money Back Guarantee.

*Individual Results May Vary

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