We have been getting a lot of really good weight loss questions! So to answer them, we put them in an article. Here are your top questions about weight loss…

I Travel for Work And Have 3-4 Meetings At Restaurants A Day, How Am I supposed To Lose Any Weight?

Meetings are a must, but you have to have the willpower to exercise making good choices. Yes, if you are at a pizza place and you have no willpower, you will probably end up ordering the double cheese stuffed crust, deep dish supreme, with extra bacon and a side of cheese dipping sauce, after all that is what this place is famous for….

It all starts with you mind, do you view food as fuel for your body or do you look at it as entertainment? Knowing how to handle multiple restaurants in a day is important, but having will power and motivation is powerful. To get started head over to diamondbodyimage.com and download “Unlocking Your Inner Motivation.” This free video I have created for you, will help you learn how to self motivate and sustain your willpower.


I Lost Weight and Then Gained It Back, Why Did This Happen and How Should I Fix It?

I am guessing that to lose the weight you went on a “diet.” That is why you lost weight and gained it back after your “diet” ended. To lose weight and keep it off for good, you have to make it realistic in your life. Taking small incremental changes in your lifestyle, gradually getting to a healthy lifestyle is the way that you need to start.

Habits are a powerful thing in our lives. If you have unhealthy habits that led to your weight gain, most likely after your “diet” you went back to them. You have to learn new habits and stick with them to successfully lose weight and keep it off. The Get Started Losing Weight Program is all about helping you change your habits into healthy ones over time. This 8-week program can be purchased by clicking here.


I Have Lost Weight but Still Think I Am Fat, What Is Wrong with My Body Image?

Sometimes when you are overweight, it is hard to believe that you did it! You lost the weight and look good. For most people that have this problem, they fear going back to the old body they had. Also the “new you” sets new standards for how you view yourself.

For example, lets say you weight 200 pounds, you lose weight and get to 140 pounds. Then you lose more weight and get to 125 pounds. 2 years later you notice the scale says 131 pounds. This is now unacceptable to you and you think your “fat.” You just have to remember if you have healthy habits and determination you won’t get “fat.” Just always keep in mind your journey thus far and how well you have done.


My Husband Doesn’t Want To Diet With Me, How Can I Make This Easier?

Even though it would be great if your husband would diet with you, if you truly want to lose weight, you have to have the inner motivation to make healthy choices. Now I understand that him having pizza, wings and beer in front of you can make your healthy decision making pretty damn hard. However, just because you are trying to lose weight does not mean you cannot have those things. You have to understand portion control and implementing it all of the time.

Knowing your limits is key to making this easier. I would also tell you to sit down with him and tell him how important this is to you. Share your why with him and just ask him to give you the support that you need to meet your health and body goals. Learn your why with “Unlocking Your Inner Motivation.


What Is the Fastest Way to Lose Weight?

Let me ask you this, do you want to lose weight fast or do you want to lose weight and keep it off? The fastest way to lose weight is to eat clean, non-processed foods and exercise everyday. But that is not going to happen overnight. You have to un-learn the unhealthy habits that got you to the weight you are now.

The fastest way to lose weight is to take sustainable steps to change each unhealthy habit. A program like The Get Started Losing Weight Program can help you start this process. Each healthy habit you implement; you will start to see faster results.


I Am Still Hungry After Dinner, Now What?

Ask yourself “Am I really hungry or am I just thinking of food because it’s a bad habit I’ve gotten myself into over the years?”

Try drinking a glass of water. Many times, dehydration mimics hunger, so you may actually be mistaking your want for food with your need for liquids. Take a few minutes and see if that helps, if not then there is an underlying problem here. Did you eat protein and veggies at dinner or was it whit, refined carbohydrates? Protein and veggies stick with you a lot longer, leaving you with that full feeling.

Maybe before dinner you had to much bread (did you order bread sticks) and therefore did not eat the good healthy stuff that give your body the energy that it needs and you tummy the food it wants…. Keeping a food journal will help you figure this out.


Should I Buy a Gym Membership?

There is no right or wrong answer for this…. If you want to go to a gym and workout, sure. My personal preference is staying home and working out. There are so many body weight exercises that you can do, you do not really need to go to the gym.

The best advice I can give you is that you need to do whatever is going to be the easiest for you. If you have a busy hectic morning already, I probably would recommend that you workout at home.

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Why Does a Diet Work for My Friend but Not For Me?

Everyone’s body is different. The foods that you eat determine 80% of your weight loss results. Some people respond very well to a certain diet such as paleo or low carb. Sometimes we have hidden allergens, meaning your stomach may not like dairy or wheat and it causes inflammation.  This can lead to weight gain and the scale staying the same.

The best way to find out what diet is going to work best is experimenting. Try a way of eating for 2 weeks and journal how you feel. After 2 weeks try something else. You can also talk to a weight loss coach and get guidance to what you can try.


What Should I Eat to Lose Weight Faster?

Clean, natural foods are going to help you lose weight faster. Think of it this way, the closer you can eat foods to their natural state is the best choice. For example, Green Beans, if they are fresh and you have to cook them, this is a great food to eat. But if they are breaded and deep fried, then dipped in ranch, probably not the best choice.

You can also eat fat burning food such as blueberries, red onion, asparagus, lime, shrimp and protein will help you lose weight a little faster, but it is still going to take time.


How Can I Stay Motivated?

Look, we all know that no matter how many times we’re told not to base our success on poundage, we will really down and out on weeks when the numbers don’t move in a downward motion. That can be a real motivation “taker awayer” if we let it.

So, instead, try this—> Prior to starting this journey toward wellness, take some body measurements (bust, waist and hip) then it is not just about the number on the scale, but also the size of your body.

Pick out some of your tighter clothes and try them on once or twice a month, so that you can note the change in fit (take pictures if you’ve got memory issues).

Remember there are no secret diets, or weapons, that insure maintained weight loss. You do actually have to work on it and it does take time. However, with some of the advice found here you should be able to create a workable, sustainable, and successful weight loss program.

Unlock your internal motivation to lose weight and keep it off for good by downloading my free video course. This course is going to show you how you can self motivate and maintain willpower even in the toughest situations. Get started losing weight now.

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Author: Danielle

My name is Danielle. I am a mom, author, weight loss coach and creator of the “Diamond Body Image Process™.
I work with strong and determined women with busy lives, who’ve let themselves go for years due to work or taking care of their family. And because of this they are struggling with…
– Standing on your bathroom scale and seeing you are at your highest weight ever so you’ve decided to lose the weight but you don’t know HOW.
– The shame of being overweight is holding you back from being in family photos or videos
– Feel frustrated, fat and uncomfortable because your pants are too tight.
– Feeling embarrassed to be naked in front of your husband and causing you to not be intimate with him yet you want to build a strong bond for a lasting relationship.
And secretly they feel ashamed and embarrassed about their weight. And if they were really honest they would say even though they look happy on the outside, on the inside they feel like a big fat failure and lack the confidence they once had.

For these women, I provide a safe, caring environment for them to be completely honest and open their feelings and fears. I empower them to stop making excuses and blaming their circumstances for being overweight, and instead take personal responsibility for their weight loss, so they can achieve their ideal weight, feel more confident and energized and be their best version of themselves.
I teach my clients simple ways to change their eating habits, exercise habits and transform their mindset through my Diamond Body Image Process™ for long lasting weight loss.
My caring, direct and motivational coaching style inspires women to take action and become the best version of themselves. I teach weight loss from my personal experience. I’ve lost 100 lbs and I’ve kept it off for 7 years. My clients say they feel understood, heard, motivated and they see real results. The profound confidence in each client through weight loss is life changing.

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