In our recent podcast, Avril and I interviewed Carrie from California who had just completed week 6 of our Signature Weight Loss Program.  She shared with us some past diets she has tried and one of them was a medically supervised regimen of stimulants or “speed”.  This is just scary that a “doctor” would recommend this, so I wondered what other dangerous diets do people do to lose weight?


It’s ironic that some people will engage in activities that harm their body in order to make their body’s look good.  They will try almost anything to lose weight.  As an online personal weight loss coach, I am glad that people want to lose weight, but I am mortified by the gimmicks and tricks that people will engage in just to lose weight.  Here are 3 dangerous diet methods:


Cotton Balls

Yes, those little puffy white things you use to wipe off make up or sterilize a wound.  Dangerous dieters will soak these in a liquid before swallowing them.  The idea is that they fill up your stomach so that you feel full without eating.  The other supposed mythical benefit from eating cotton balls was that they were suppose to be a source of fiber.  Rumor has it that this diet scheme originated with super models…no doubt blonde ones.  (Just kidding).


The dangerous thing is that these get caught up in your intestinal track.  Cotton balls are not made of cotton but polyester fibers.  Even if you buy 100% cotton balls, they are still processed with bleach and other chemicals that are harmful.  Besides the internal damage to your body this type of diet has a negative psychological effect that can lead to an eating disorder.



Besides being dangerous, tapeworm dieting is just simply gross and disgusting.  Basically you put a parasite in your intestines that eats or absorbs the food you eat.  This leads to weight loss because your body is not getting all of the calories you eat.  One of the problems is that the tapeworm doesn’t just absorb the bad calories but it also absorbs vitamins and other healthy nutrients that your body needs.


What makes this diet method so dangerous is that you have a living organism in your intestines.  As it eats more of your food, it grows.  It also gives off larvae that get into your blood stream.  These embed themselves in muscle tissue with leads to cysts and this becomes fatal if they get to the heart muscle.  Finally, there is the end of the diet.  You have to pass it.  Enough said.


Sleeping Beauty

The theory behind this one is that basically if you are asleep, you are not eating.  If you can’t eat then you don’t gain weight.  These dangerous dieters take sedatives to sleep 20 hours a day and to be knocked out for several days in a row.  Besides not being able to eat while you are sleeping, the theory is that your body will burn the stored fat for basic energy while you snooze.


This diet is rumored to have been used by Elvis Presley.  Based on photos of the king before he departed, it doesn’t say much for the effectiveness of this diet. The other aspect is how unpractical this is.  Who can regularly detach from life and sleep for 3 or 4 days straight?  Sure you can’t overeat if you are asleep, but this much inactivity also causes muscle atrophy to set in and that will wreck your metabolism.


Body image is important to most people.  We do vain things to improve our appearance, but are we really willing to do harmful if not fatal things just to control our weight?  Battling those extra pounds is indeed a daily struggle so naturally people look for short cuts or tricks to make it easier, but you don’t have to.  Regular physical activity with a healthy calorie level is the only way to lose weight, keep it off and not do long term harm to your body.


Obviously we DO NOT recommend any of the diets that are listed above! We do however recommend that you head over the our website and check out The Get Started Losing Weight Program. This is an 8 week weight loss program that teaches you how to shift your lifestyle so that you can lose the weight that you want and maintain it! You can join fro 7 days free, so take action and get started! (click here)

Author: Alex baxter

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