3 Tips To Holding Yourself Accountable With Weight Loss

The very word accountability generates numerous thoughts even though its hard to exactly describe the definition.  Accountability means to hold someone accountable, but what exactly does that mean.  It’s about ownership and responsibility.  It’s about owning the problem and therefore owning the solution. Nowhere is this more important than in weight loss.


Accountability is often perceived as been something negative or annoying. 


We often associate it with keeping track of numbers, filling out paperwork or documenting activities.  This usually leads to highlighting our shortcomings, but what if you instead used accountability to document your success and to keep you focused.

The real function of accountability is to measure the truth.  It’s about being honest with yourself.  Losing weight requires an honest assessment of the situation.  It starts with an acknowledgment of where you currently are.  Accountability is the vehicle that drives change.


A change to a new healthy you without those extra pounds.  If you are not willing to hold yourself accountable than you are not dissatisfied enough with your present condition.  When you are serious about losing weight, you will embrace accountability because you so long for a new, healthier and sexy you.


As with most things in life, there are better, more helpful ways to hold yourself accountable than other ways.  Let’s look at 3 ways you can be more accountable on your weight loss journey without creating the negative, annoying aspects of accountability.


Hire a Weight Loss Coach

Most of us find the boss looking over our shoulder to see if we are doing what we are suppose to be doing annoying, but ask yourself would you do everything you do at work if nobody was there to hold you accountable?  Compare how hard you work normally verses the week the boss is on vacation.  The truth is accountability makes a difference.

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Some people need another person to be honest and hold them accountable for their actions.  The same holds true in weight loss, so if you need direct supervision in order to put forth the effort to lose weight than hire a weight loss coach.  An honest, outside evaluation and opinion may be just the solution to keep you on track for successful weight loss.


Measure Only a Few Things

A grade card is how your teacher or professor holds you accountable for your academic efforts.  We receive grades on 5 or 6 different subject matters.  When it comes to weight loss though, hold yourself accountable for no more than 3 things at a time.  When you first start, you may need to only measure one activity.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many expectations.


Stick to the basics such as exercise, healthy meals, portion control or calories for the day.  If you focus on the simple basics, the rest takes care of itself.  This is especially true in weight loss.





Many weight loss programs make the process of losing weight seem very complicated.  Then their program makes the complex task of losing weight simple which is why you need their meals or equipment.  In reality it was never that complicated to begin with.  Hold yourself accountable for eating healthy, reasonable portion sizes and getting some physical activity and you have most of what you need for weight loss.


Download The Accountability Scorecard to see how you are measuring up

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Accept Shortcomings

One of the tings that we despise most about accountability is that it seems to highlight our failure.  It illuminates where we fell short.  Challenge yourself not to approach it this way.  Instead use it to document where you succeeded.  When it comes to weight loss, nobody is perfect, but if we let the pursuit of perfection stop you from moving forward in ways that are improvements in your lifestyle than you are destine for frustration.


For example, measure on a pass or fail the following 3 activities: daily exercise, healthy meals and not binge snacking.  If at the end of the day, you can say yes to all three them give yourself 3 points.  After one week you’ll have the opportunity to score 21 points.  Set a goal of scoring 18 points.  Maybe only 15 the first week.  This way you can use accountability to highlight successes, but also know that failure one day in one aspect doesn’t spell disaster.

Accountability doesn’t have to be a dirty word.  When it comes to weight loss, it is imperative to your success.  You are measuring reality.  Steven Covey says, “Accountability breeds response ability.” You are bringing truth and honest to the choices you are making.  Embrace it.  It is the foundation of your success at getting the body image you desire.

Author: Alex baxter

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