Have you found yourself:

Reaching into your desk drawer and pulling out candy for a boost of energy?

Hitting the drive through or grabbing take out for lunch because you didn’t bring one?

 Feeling like your co-workers sometimes sabotage your ‘diet’ with treats they bring in?

If you answered YES, then keep reading!

​​Short backstory...

When I was a Financial Advisor and at my highest weight ever, this was totally me! If Karen brought in a cake she made, Danielle would be right there to try it! I was so tired all the time I had a designated sweets drawer in my desk. And I never had time to pack my lunch (or so I thought) so I would just ‘wing it.’

I wanted to lose the weight something terrible, but I thought that with my office job, there was no way it was possible. However, was I ever wrong….

​Here are my 4 top tips to help you...

​Revamp your snacks...

It’s easy to get tempted by the vending machine snacks when you are hungry. Save yourself from temptation by keeping your own healthy snacks at work. Try nuts, nut butter and unsweetened dried fruit. If you have access to a fridge, consider fresh veggies, fruit or unsweetened yogurt. Always opt for a snack that contains energy-sustaining protein and healthy carbs. Here are some ideas:

  • Protein shake
  • Apples and peanut butter
  • Hummus with cucumber
  • Cottage cheese
  • Beef Jerky and ¼ cup mixed nuts

Choose a snack that contains and adequate amount of protein. Protein and healthy fats keep you feeling fuller, longer.

​Ramp up Your Water...

Yes, Water is essential for everyone, no matter what they do,but especially for people working in office jobs. It can be easy to forget todrink water when you are focused on your work, but this can also cause you tobecome dehydrated.

When you are dehydrated you will feel hungry, tired andannoyed.  Drinking water regularly canhelp beat all of these nasty feelings.  Youcan buy a water bottle that has bands on it.

Set a goal of every 1-1.5 hours ofremoving a band (that means that you finished your bottle). No excuses abouthaving to pee a lot! That is good for your body and look at the bright side,the more exercise you will get!

​​Move More 

Having an office job can have negatives effects on how we are moving throughout the day. Most people sit at a desk for about 7 hours a day! In my banking days, we called this ‘Bankers Butt’. But think about your environment and how you can use it to increase your movement throughout the day. For example:

Take your printer off of your desk and put it across the room.

Apply the if this than that rule:

  • If you have to go to the copier, do 10 calf raises each time, need to use the restroom, do 10 squats, etc…
  • Use your lunch break to get in a walk.
  • Stand while you are on the phone.
  • Make more than one trip to go get supplies.
 Just think of the extra calories that you will be burning if you just did those few things each day!

​​Take some me time...

It can get quite overwhelming when you are working all day on your job. Especially if you are a dedicated employee that is known to arrive early, leave late and work through your lunch.

This is just not healthy for your brain and your body. Take 10 minutes every hour for you. That may include a walk, reading a book, sitting quietly or just chatting with your co-workers. This allows your brain to rest and then refocus at higher level.

You can download apps like Break time, or time out, that will actually allow you to set up your intervals of work and rest. Or if it’s just easier, your smart phone timer is really simple to use as well!

​​BONUS: Take small steps... 

​You cannot expect to read this article and instantly see change tomorrow. There will be times that you mess up and that is ok. First off you have to start small. 

Start by just revamping your snacks. Once you get that mastered... move on to the next item. You are in control here. Don't overwhelm yourself or you will just give up!

​Lets start small together...

I created something really cool for you to get started with staying healthy at the office! Its called 

The One Thing Method. I ​share with you 6 steps that helped me ​nutrition and ultimately lose 100 pounds! The best part is that you can use it in your office, at home and on the go! Just enter your information below and check you inbox!

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Author: Danielle

My name is Danielle. I am a mom, author, weight loss coach and creator of the “Diamond Body Image Process™.
I work with strong and determined women with busy lives, who’ve let themselves go for years due to work or taking care of their family. And because of this they are struggling with…
– Standing on your bathroom scale and seeing you are at your highest weight ever so you’ve decided to lose the weight but you don’t know HOW.
– The shame of being overweight is holding you back from being in family photos or videos
– Feel frustrated, fat and uncomfortable because your pants are too tight.
– Feeling embarrassed to be naked in front of your husband and causing you to not be intimate with him yet you want to build a strong bond for a lasting relationship.
And secretly they feel ashamed and embarrassed about their weight. And if they were really honest they would say even though they look happy on the outside, on the inside they feel like a big fat failure and lack the confidence they once had.

For these women, I provide a safe, caring environment for them to be completely honest and open their feelings and fears. I empower them to stop making excuses and blaming their circumstances for being overweight, and instead take personal responsibility for their weight loss, so they can achieve their ideal weight, feel more confident and energized and be their best version of themselves.
I teach my clients simple ways to change their eating habits, exercise habits and transform their mindset through my Diamond Body Image Process™ for long lasting weight loss.
My caring, direct and motivational coaching style inspires women to take action and become the best version of themselves. I teach weight loss from my personal experience. I’ve lost 100 lbs and I’ve kept it off for 7 years. My clients say they feel understood, heard, motivated and they see real results. The profound confidence in each client through weight loss is life changing.

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