Become A Life Participator, Not A Life Observer

A Group Program That Is Going To Rock Your Goals*

** Group programs are always limited in the amount of participants (for 1:1: time) and tend to book very fast, so take action right away to get into the action.

The Anti-Diet Approach To Meeting Your Weight Loss Goals (No More Dieting)

Are Your Sick? Of Fad Diets That Just Don’t Stick?

Me to!
There always seems to be an “easy” way out. An easy way to drop 30 pounds in 30 days MIRACLE!

They are selling your emotions on FALSE HOPE!
What I mean is that you cannot take a magic pill, you cannot eat mail order box meals for life to lose weight and keep it off. These false promises toy with your emotions to get you to try it. Guess what… in the end, it temporarily worked, but unfortunately you stopped and gained it back AND maybe even a few extra pounds. How Frustrating!

You have to STOP dieting!
Have you said “I need to go on a diet?” Instead of dieting, try just living a healthy lifestyle.

Living a healthy lifestyle is not easy, but really it is, you just have to have the right tools (plan, mindset) to do it!
Set yourself up for success by being prepared and knowing exactly what to do all the time!

It is time to start participating in your life and stop letting your life participate you.*

It Is A Puzzle And We Re Going To Solve It Together

It sounds so simple, but I know it is not! My name is Avril Baxter and through my own 100 pound weight loss journey I know that first hand. Here’s the thing. It is not about quick fixes or losing weight the in the fastest way possible. It is about strengthening your mindset about food and exercise.*


During this 3 week program, you will:

  • Learn about the emotional connection you are linking to food and exercise
  • Why you have done this and how to overcome it
  • How to identify your roadblocks so you can get results you want
  • How to reset your mindset about why you are where you are to reset your weight loss success.

This Program Was Designed To Help You Understand The Links Between Eating, Exercising & Your Emotional State & Losing Weight

There isn’t a quick fix. Everything worth having takes time and effort. Nothing comes easy in life and this will not be a walk in the park either. BUT I am here to tell you first hand, this method sticks! I did it and have kept it off…. So take action today, no more excuses, lose weight, feel confident, feel proud and get rid of the “I think I can” and into the ” I know I will” mindset.*

These programs offer you the flexibility to to participate no matter where you are located. As long as you have internet, you’re in!

You will NOT be alone in this… This program offers you a safe, private space that you will grow with others that are struggling with the same things. We have been there! We know what it takes to not only get fit and healthy, but keep the motivation hight to stay on course! Learn the EXACT strategies for doing the same!

**Results May Vary from Person to Person