You have probably heard of protein shakes, however do you know that they can also help you lose weight? Yup! A delicious chocolate shake can aide in weight loss!

But how?

Well your body digests protein slower than other foods, so therefore you stay fuller longer! Protein shakes can also be used to replace certain foods in your diet (notice I said foods, not meals).

Think about the last time you had a craving for ice cream or something chocolate or sweet. What did you have?

What about the last time you were hungry between lunch and dinner? What did you have?

​ou could have had a protein shake and probably saved a lot of calories and gained some extra nutrients!

​There are a lot of protein powders to choose from so lets take a look at a few different types. We’ll also talk about the pro’s and con’s of each to make it easier for you to decide which will be best for you to try.

​​​​​​Whey Protein

Whey is the most common and cheapest variety ofprotein powder. Whey protein has many vitamins and minerals. Whey is a dairy­based protein. It has become a common post ­workout diets of athletes and gym­goers.Whey protein also helps repair muscles after a strength workout.

Pros: Whey protein promotes lean muscle growth andfat loss, and a healthy metabolism. Whey is also absorbed quickly by your body,making it great for workout recovery.

Cons: The sugar found in milk is a common allergy.

​My Fave: Iso Dymatize 100

Soy protein...

Used by many vegetarians, soybeans are a form of a plant ­based protein. Soy protein still does contain all of the essential amino acids Soy protein also helps support muscle growth and repair.

Soy beans are one of the few plant protein sources that offer all of the essential amino acids. Soy protein can be concentrated or isolated.

Pros: May improve immune system, promote bone health, may prevent cardiovascular disease, & certain cancers.

Cons: Often genetically modified, may have an effect on hormone levels.

My favorite: Orgain Organic

​Caesin protein...

Casein protein also comes from dairy and is the primary protein found in cow’s milk. Casein protein digests slower because the makeup of the amino acids.

Casein’s slow release is optimal for long periods of time when you will be without food (bed time). Casein is produced using a separation process applied to liquid milk that can concentrate or isolate the milk protein from the carbs and fats.

Pros: Slow release is not the greatest choice for workout recovery, but works well before bed or a long period without food.

Cons: Casein is a dairy product which is a common allergy.

My Favorite: Gold Standard

​Rice protein...

Rice protein powder also contains a significant amount of iron, vitamin C, and a small amount of calcium. Pea protein is also rich in iron, and contains a small amount of calcium. When made from sprouted whole grain brown rice (which many on the market are), rice protein also offers the benefits of sprouted grains, including an increase in bioavailability of vitamins, fiber, folate, and amino acids.

​ISolate Protein...

Isolate protein has been put through purification process to get the purest form of whey protein as possible. This process removes much of the non­-protein content therefore it is considered premium.

​Hydrolyzed protein...

Hydrolyzed protein has been broken down from whole proteins into smaller groups of amino acids, which are what protein is made of. This is done to improve the speed of digestion of the protein.

So think about each type of protein and which would fit best with your diet. If you have issues with dairy the Whey or Caesin probably would not be a good choice for you.

​Finding protein shakes recipes can be tough...

I knew drinking more protein shakes would help me get my weight off faster, however finding recipes was a challenge. They would always call for ingredients I had never even heard of! So I decided to write a book about my favorite recipes. I believe in simplicity and deliciousness so that is why all the recipes in this book are EASY and FAST!

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​Bonus!!! Here are 4 recipes for you!

Protein Shake With Coffee:
1 teaspoon of a pure extract of your choice 1 pack natural sweetener (stevia)
1 cup coffee (this can be flavored coffee
1 cup almond or skim milk
1 scoop vanilla or chocolate protein powder 5­6 ice cubes
Blend and enjoy!

Protein Shake With Fruit:
1⁄2 cup fruit (your choice)
1⁄2 cup water or plain Greek yogurt for thickness
1 pack natural sweetener (stevia) if you use Greek yogurt
1 cup almond or skim milk
1 scoop vanilla or chocolate protein powder 5­6 ice cubes
Blend and enjoy!

Warm Protein Shake:
Warm Shake Directions:
1 cup warm almond or skim milk
1⁄2 cup warm water
1 scoop protein
Add extracts, sweetener, oatmeal, of your choice. Mix the ingredients together with the water in the blender for 45 seconds, then add in the warm almond or skim milk and blend for 30 seconds. Pour in a microwave safe cup and microwave for 30 seconds (this is optional if you would like it warmer). Enjoy.

Don't forget to grab your copy of the book for even more recipes!

Author: Danielle

My name is Danielle. I am a mom, author, weight loss coach and creator of the “Diamond Body Image Process™.
I work with strong and determined women with busy lives, who’ve let themselves go for years due to work or taking care of their family. And because of this they are struggling with…
– Standing on your bathroom scale and seeing you are at your highest weight ever so you’ve decided to lose the weight but you don’t know HOW.
– The shame of being overweight is holding you back from being in family photos or videos
– Feel frustrated, fat and uncomfortable because your pants are too tight.
– Feeling embarrassed to be naked in front of your husband and causing you to not be intimate with him yet you want to build a strong bond for a lasting relationship.
And secretly they feel ashamed and embarrassed about their weight. And if they were really honest they would say even though they look happy on the outside, on the inside they feel like a big fat failure and lack the confidence they once had.

For these women, I provide a safe, caring environment for them to be completely honest and open their feelings and fears. I empower them to stop making excuses and blaming their circumstances for being overweight, and instead take personal responsibility for their weight loss, so they can achieve their ideal weight, feel more confident and energized and be their best version of themselves.
I teach my clients simple ways to change their eating habits, exercise habits and transform their mindset through my Diamond Body Image Process™ for long lasting weight loss.
My caring, direct and motivational coaching style inspires women to take action and become the best version of themselves. I teach weight loss from my personal experience. I’ve lost 100 lbs and I’ve kept it off for 7 years. My clients say they feel understood, heard, motivated and they see real results. The profound confidence in each client through weight loss is life changing.

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