The Diamond Body Image Signature Systemdesigned to increase the belief in yourself overcome the past and any limiting beliefs 

  • ​The Diamond Body Image Signature System™Focuses on the keys to forming a weight loss mindset for ​ambitious and determined women: managing empathy, setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, eating to support well-being, and dealing with challenging situations that can trigger emotional eating and ​Danielle shows you how to release the extra pounds and create a new, healthy relationship with your body, your weight, and food.
  • ​Overcome lack of willpower forever. Get back a sense of hope and optimism.​ Unlock your internal motivation (your why) so that you can stay on course and start seeing real results! Use ownership to guarantee long-term success.
  • It's about your mind. We go deep because we have to. If you want to achieve and keep your healthy weight goal, then you must change at the subconscious level. The Diamond Body Image Signature System™was designed to increase the belief in yourself and overcome the past and any limiting beliefs you may be holding. No woo, just practices that work.
  • You will find your willpower set on autopilot, effortlessly guiding you to your goal... You will tap into lasting motivation that will kick in just when you need it...You will become ​unstoppable and consistent and never fall victim to the cycle of losing weight just to gain it back ever again...  Your subconscious will pull you towards your goals instead of always having to will yourself to do it...
  • You will literally forget how to make excuses... You will be so confident and clear on what you desire and deserve you will no longer care about what people think of you... You will look at yourself in the mirror and love the strong confident woman looking back at you...


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