The One Thing Method – 5 Day Weight Loss Booster

5 Easy habits to lose weight & stay happy! 🙂 Especially for Women over 40.

*Result May Vary From Person To Person

Easy. Realistic. Effective.

No complicated rules to follow…

No working out until you want to die…

No giving up the foods you love (dessert and wine)…

No more fighting your willpower…

AND no special foods that you must eat…

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Before I lost 100 Pounds, I Hated To Exercise.


I hated to sweat, I mean what is so feminine about sweating? Getting all stinky and gross, looking out of place. 


Going to the gym? Are you kidding me?!? 🙁  Gyms are so intimidating… You walk in, there’s a ton of equipment, in which you don’t know how to use. Plus, you  see all these women that are fit and totally looking the part!  Then there is you… How embarrassing!


But wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple way you could get started exercising in the privacy of your own home?


I started making little changes to start exercising and you can too!*

I am not talking about ridiculously hard workouts or stupid, expensive equipment. I am talking about little changes, simple things, week over week.  Without the intimidation of the gym. Without being super sore. Without feeling like you are going to pass out and die. 


I remember my first attempt at a workout, on a DVD set.  It was designed for a woman MUCH  younger and fitter than me. I couldn’t even sit down to pee for the next 3 days! OUCH!


You know, the funny thing is that on that weight loss DVD.. I could not even keep up with them. Honesty, that just made me feel worse about myself.


Plus, I was just recently divorced because my husband was cheating on me. Now a single, working mom, that just felt miserable. I was embarrassed and ashamed of what I let myself become. You want to talk about body image? I had the worst!


When I was out with girlfriends, my negative body image would be confirmed by every guy. No guy would even give me a second glance! Ugh!


Get Started With Exercise FOr Weight Loss

After being so frustrated, I FINALLY figured out how to make exercise do-able. Then it all changed..

The problem with most of exercise weight loss programs, is they start off at an intense high level of fitness level that your mind and body aren’t ready for yet.

Through my 100 pound weight loss journey, I discovered the secret to making exercise a part of everyday life. Not just for weight loss, but your overall health! I want to show you how to make little changes with exercise, so that you will start feeling energized and proud of your body.



That’s why I created The One Thing Method. It’s just five simple things that you can do with exercise, over five days to get you moving in the right direction towards your weight loss goals.

I believe in you now it’s time for you to believe in you!

*Results May Vary Person To Person