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In this Diamond Body Image Podcast Avril and Alex talk to you about the benefits of losing weight. Here is a quick run down:

  1. How you view yourself–  Your confidence level increases. With higher confidence you will notice that you smile more, you are nicer, you are braver.
  2. How others view you– Some of us have the attitude of “I really don’t care what other people think of me” and that is fine, however it can impact your life in many different ways.
  3. Better sleep quality– A lot of overweight people have sleep apnea, which tends to go away once they reach a healthy weight. Also people tend to eat foods that are high in fat and sugar, which digest quickly. That leaves the body searching for high energy foods. This means you will be hungry faster. These foods also impact your sleep quality.
  4. Less joint pain– If you have knee problems, back problems, problems with feet or ankles and you are over weight, most likely you simply need to lose weight. Our bodies are not designed to carry extra weight like that around and therefore if decides to give out.
  5. Food will taste better– As you lose weight your hormones change, certain levels of good hormones go up and bad hormone levels go down. This changes the way that we taste what we are eating and drinking.
  6. Sex drive increases– Your BMI (Body Mass Index) decreases with weight loss and your testosterone levels go up which make sex more enjoyable and welcomed. Not to mention you will feel more confident and your spouse (if you have one) is going to be looking at you a LOT differently
  7. Decreased sickness– You will notice that when you eat the right foods, exercise on a regular basis and get to a healthy weight you will not be sick as often as the overweight you. You are increasing your immune system and those little guys inside of you have more energy and power to fight off the big bad cold and flu germs.

The Truth…

After working with hundred’s of women and hearing a LOT of excuses, this is what I ask them “Do you want to love yourself more? Do you want others to find you beautiful and strong? Do you want to sleep better and more peaceful? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get out of your chair and not feel that painful sharp feeling in your knee or back? Do you want your partner to be attracted to you and enjoy your sex life more? Do you want to not have to worry about getting the flu and being stuck in bed for 3 days throwing up every last drink of water you take?


Yes? Then LOSE THE WEIGHT. That is what I will help you do. Little changes over a certain amount of time. No dieting, no quick fix, just living a healthy lifestyle with little changes.


Hey I have been there sister! I know what all that crap of the page feels like. I thought it was normal to wake up numerous times at night. I thought is was normal to be sick all the time in the winter. I thought every married couple stopped having sex.


Guess what…. It is not! Being on both sides I can tell you first hand that you should feel more in love and more intimate with your husband everyday you are together or apart. You should not wake up 7 times at night (unless there is a new baby or pet in the house ) 🙂 I never get sick now. I may feel like I am getting a cold one day, but the next day I am absolutely fine.


If you are ready to feel better, feel happy and smile more and you know weight loss is your answer, book a call with me. Together we will make little changes in your life that are going to make a huge difference!

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This episode is packed with a ton of useful information, so make sure you have something to take notes with!


ONE 4 ONE- Diamond Body Image is partnering with The Cure Cancer Foundation to help as many people as possible lose weight and get healthy! Lose weight with a purpose! For every pound you lose on The Get Started Losing Weight Program, Diamond Body Image will donate $1 to The Cure Cancer Foundation to help find a cure for cancer!

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