How to Overcome the Weight Loss Plateau

The weight loss plateau, no one likes them and if you don’t approach it right, it can stay there for good. My weight loss plateau was quite long… 1 year… and I am not going to let that happen to you.


The Plateau Cause:

During the first few weeks of losing weight, you will find it easy to drop pounds.  The weight is falling off and life is great. This is because your body is going through change it has not seen before. You are eating less and moving more. Plus, you are motivated like no other because you are seeing results!


Overcoming the Plateau:

When you hit a plateau, which may mean that you have “exhausted” your current plan. At this point you need to decide if going into the maintenance stage is right for you, or if you would like to lose a few more pounds.  If the answer is lose more weight, than you will need to readjust what you are doing now.


Here are a few tips to help you beat the plateau:

Recalculate your calories– Someone that is 5’4’’ and weighs 200 pounds needs to eat more calories than someone that is 5’4’’ and weighs 150 pounds.  Adjust your calories as you go for the smaller you.


Change up your eating– There are a few ways that you can do this. First you can try eating a higher calorie amount 1 day a week. Include a few items in your eating those days that maybe you have limited or cut out completely until now. (Ex. Pasta, bread, fruit). Ok- this is not a free pass to pig out, you still need to only increase your calories by 10-15%.

The other thing that you can change up with eating is carbohydrate cycling. Twice a week, switch the amount of protein you are eating for the amount of carbs you are eating. Let’s say you eat 30% carbs and 45% protein. Flip flop those on Monday and Thursday only. Your body will wonder what is going on and make a change. If you are wondering what %’s you should be eating, schedule your free weight loss consultation call with me (click here)


Change your workouts– Doing the same set of workouts, in the same order, on the same day, may seem easy to remember and adjust to, but just as you know what is coming with that workout, your body does to. After you do a routine for so long, your body gets used to it and is no longer challenged. Maybe walking in the beginning worked but not anymore.

Incorporate strength training, cardio, HIIT, endurance and stretching. These are all very important parts to losing weight, but also for your future health. If you are looking for a workout routine that is planned out for you, check this plan out!


Eat natural foods– Eat more vegetable, fruits, meat and whole grains. Stay away from processed foods and sugars. Protein (meat) helps your body burn more calories and keeps you full longer because it takes longer to digest.


Drink more water– You will feel hungry when you are dehydrated. You will feel tired with you are dehydrated. Water flushes nasty toxins out of your body we get from products we use, food we eat and the air we breathe.. I make it a best practice to drink a minimum of 80 ounces of water a day.  (If you would like tips to make this easier, email me at


Take an off day– WHAT???? Yes, taking an off day, or maybe even week, will help you break the plateau. This is a recovery phase that your body needs. Think about it just like you would surgery, if you didn’t rest, how would you recover? When you are pushing towards meeting your weight loss goals, you tare muscles. Your muscles and joints need to recover.


Plateau’s happen to everyone and not just in weight loss.  They are stressful, frustrating, and can have a huge negative impact on your motivation level- if YOU LET THEM.

These tips are here to help you break through the plateau and get to the other side. If you have grown tired of trying and need some help, that is what I am here for…. Schedule your free weight loss consultation call me me today.

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Author: Avril Baxter

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