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My  Personal 100 Pound Weight Loss Success

We believe...
Real food for

for real women

At Diamond Body Image, we believe in real food for real women. No fad dieting, no short-term-only results, no complex

You deserve to be the best version of yourself. But, it’s hard to get there when you’re constantly distracted by complicated health advice and conflicting cravings.

The Diamond Body Image Process™ starts with one simple idea: Gain control of your food choices to take back your power. Your 30-day meal plan is a step in the right direction to saying YES to being your confident, energized, amazing self!

My journey
to becoming 215 pounds

(and only 5’4”) started when I was a little girl, desperately wanting my dad’s love. To comfort my heart, I developed a relationship with food. I was bullied, called names, and neglected as a teenager because of my weight...which only made me seek more comfort in more food. 

Then, after finding the courage to leave my toxic marriage to become a single mom, I became a workaholic. I wanted to prove to myself and others that I was worth a damn, that I had it in me to be a success. What I didn’t pay attention to were the pounds keep piling on, even though I was living the American Dream and earning a high salary as a financial advisor.

Wasn’t this the part of the story that everything sorted out and I lived happily ever after? Instead, the scales were unbalanced. The weight was not taking care of itself. I was unhealthy physically and emotionally even though my financial clients were getting their bank accounts healthy.

When I saw the scale top out at 215 one day, I teared up and wondered, how did I let it get this far? Enough was enough. I wanted more for my daughter AND myself. I wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin and look amazing as a size 6, because I knew that I deserved it.

It wasn’t just about the weight. It was about owning my power and shining up the diamond I knew was inside me; and it’s inside every woman in the world. We deserve to be the best version of ourselves possible. For you, your desired best version may not be a size 6 or 100 pounds--which is what I lost and have kept off for over 7 years! For most of my clients, they end up losing on average 45 pounds and it is LIFE CHANGING for them!

The true point is to embrace and BECOME the diamond body you have inside and to create the lifestyle shift that produces real, lasting success. Take back the control. You’re the boss.

This meal plan is just the beginning. If you’re like the many powerful, strong, driven women that I work with, I know that you’ll get the results you’re looking for. I can’t wait to help you get there!

It Works...

The secret to dropping the weight while working full-time was eating real food! ​Danielle put together a customized plan for me that I could actually stick with.  She introduced me to  meal prep, which was critical!

I was able to lose the weight even with me hectic travel schedule and my busy family.

Lost 114 Pounds
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