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How many times have you set a New Years Resolution? Did you stick with it? 97% of women who set a New Years Resolution to lose weight end up throwing in the towel. But in this Diamond Body Image Podcast, Avril and Alex talk about how to lose weight in 2018 the easy way.


Weight loss is not a one and done kind of thing. You cannot go on one “magic” diet and expect to meet your goals and keep it off forever. Why? Because you have to change your existing habits to support your weight loss and maintain it. If your habits stay the same, you will end up going right back to where you are now…. Searching for your next diet.


The Podcast Overview

1. Eating– Stop thinking in an absolute manner. If you are not perfect with your eating plan, it’s ok. Talk nice to yourself about the little things that you did right and stop thinking that you failed. An example of this would be…

A client of mine did so well with keeping true to her eating plan. Then the weekend came and Saturday night she totally “blew it” (in her words). When we talked on Monday, she was literally in tears “Avril, I totally blew it Saturday night. I suck, I am such a failure.” However, she forgot what a great job she did all week including Friday, most of Saturday and Sunday.


2. Exercise–  Stop thinking about exercise in a negative fashion. How many times have you said or heard someone else say, “Ugh, I have to go workout now?”  I hear all the time from women that they do not like to workout. The excuses range from my knees hurt, I hate to sweat, I don’t have time, it’s to hard, I don’t have the right equipment.

My response is stop making excuses, your knee’s hurt? Exercise, get your joints moving again. You don’t have time? You have time for what you prioritize. You get the point….

Exercise is a positive thing and you should be excited to doing it. Exercise gives you focus and mental clarity, energy throughout the day, puts you in a better mood and the best part improves your overall health so that you can live longer.


3. Motivation– Most women think that they just “lose” their motivation. However, this is not possible if you know what to do to keep yourself in the right mindset. It all comes down to your goals (which next week the podcast is all about goals).

I can tell you from my own personal experience, immediate results are nice to see. That is why I love to spray paint, immediate results. However, this is simply not going to happen with weight loss. That is why setting and meeting small goals is going to keep the momentum high and you motivated to keep going. More on this next week.


Putting it all together

Weight loss isn’t just about one thing, it is about your entire life. When you focus on changing your unhealthy habits into healthy habits you will see long term results. Stop trying to diet because from personal experience (losing 100 pounds) that doesn’t work. A lifestyle shift is the ONLY thing that is going to work FOREVER.


Maturity comes when you stop making excuses and start making changes.

-Roy Bennett


Author: Avril Baxter

Avril Baxter is a professional online personal trainer & weight loss coach. Avril is helping hundreds of people lose weight fast by being personally involved with each client for support in healthy eating, fitness workout videos, and continuous encouragement to help them reach their weight loss goals.

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