Nutrition For Weight Loss: What To Do Right Now

When a person wants to lose weight naturally the first thing they know they need to change is there diet.  It’s really hard to get overweight eating a healthy diet, so changing hat and how much you consume is fundamental to losing weight.  Let’s look at the ways in which nutrition impacts weight lose and simple rules of thumb that will make eating a nutritious diet is easy.

Importance of knowing….

When it comes to weight loss, examining the foods you eat and the foods you know you should eat is a perfect starting place.  Clean eating is a must and what I mean by that is cutting out the processed flours, refined sugars and high fructose corn syrups.  Clean eating is about fresh meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts.  The more ingredients and the more manufacturing in a food, the more likely it is not nutritious.


A good rule to follow is that if your food can go bad its good for you and conversely if a food doesn’t go bad it’s not good for you.  Think of the shelve life of a bag of potato chips verses a head of lettuce.  The answer of where to start with nutrition and weight loss is found in clean eating.


Simplicity is key…

Another valuable rule is to keep it simple.  The more complicated you make it, the harder the time you will have in implementing a healthy diet.  The weight loss industry has made nutrition seem really complicated.  That’s why you need their point system.  That’s why you need to buy their shakes and bars.  In reality good nutrition is very simple.  It only becomes complicated when you try to eat bad food and still lose weight.


Don’t beat yourself up…

Another aspect of nutrition and weight loss is the Abstinence-Violation Effect.  This is where you set the standard for success as an absolute and then when you fail you give up.  This is typical with New Year’s resolutions.  For instance, if you vow to not eat any chocolate and then you have a piece, you completely give up your resolution and feel guilt or shame because you violated the thing you were suppose to abstain from.


Give yourself permission to occasionally eat poorly.  Some people like to have a “cheat day” or a “cheat meal”.  This is when you allow yourself to eat unhealthy and not worry about it.  When you are first getting started this is a great way to build willpower and satisfy cravings.  It also gives you a way to experience the difference between eating nutritious and healthy eating and how you feel after eating poorly.  You will feel the difference.


Simple guidelines…

Here are simple simple guidelines to follow to in order to keep your diet nutritious in order to lose weight:

Avoid breaded and deep fried foods

Limit the amount of bread especially ones made from processed white flour

Eliminate items with refined sugars

Opt for fresh fruits and vegetables

Win one meal at a time


Good nutrition is essential to proper weight lose and its essential for a healthy life.  You really are what you eat, so take care of yourself by eating a healthy diet.  Make it a lifestyle choice and you’ll find that the excess weight you loath will come off and stay off.  You don’t have to be fanatical or complicated.  Just live a healthy life and accept the occasional indulgence.


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