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​Danielle / Your Personal Weight Loss Partner

How Losing 100 Pounds Completely Changed My Life

You are an amazing woman!  You work hard and are successful.  You have planned your career.  Made smart strategic decisions about your life.  Climbed the corporate ladder through achievement.  Done that!


Not to mention your private life challenges of raising children in this hectic, crazy day in age.  Then there’s the relationship with the significant other.  Whether you are dating or have been married several years, it’s an important part of your life story.  Is your physical weight impacted it?


I know it is!  I was there.  Demanding career.  Divorced mom.  Hating to look at myself in the mirror…Never feeling good in my clothes…Guys never giving me “the look”…Anxious and doubting myself because of my weight.

Do you cringe at the site of yourself in photos?

Hate to be naked?

Excuse overeating for emotional reasons?

Dream about what you would look like 30…60…90 pounds lighter?

YES, was my answer to those questions! 

 In 2006 I weighed 215 pounds! And wore a size 18 dress.  I had a solid career in banking and was making more money than anybody in my immediate family or friends.  A lot more!  But I would gorge out on a Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese for lunch in the privacy of my car if my morning was stressful…if it was successful…or if was a Tuesday, Wednesday, oh and don’t forget Monday.


The last time I did that I cried.  I was done with this!  I knew it was time for a serious change.  But what and how? 


I fretted and loathed my body image.  I desperately wanted to lose weight, but here I was hiding, yes hiding, gorging myself in some half ass attempt to escape reality.  I was doing the opposite of what I wanted.  I had a textbook case of cognitive dissonance.


For the next six months, I tried everything and failed.  I would lose a few pounds with each gimmick but quickly gain it back.  Lemon tea cleanse.  Metabolism pills.  Extreme exercise.

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After losing 100 pounds, my life changed dramatically, for the first time in my life I felt confident in my body.  Myself.  The ME!  No more wondering what life would be like but actually enjoying this one life that God had given me.  BTW Shopping for clothes never felt better.


The impact that weight loss has had on my life is that I gave up my very lucrative income as an award winning financial advisor to become an expert weight loss coach.  

Honestly, I thought life would be better if I lost weight, but I had no idea it would dramatically change almost every aspect of my life. 

 You see how attractive, more virulent women get treated at the office, in public, by others, well it’s true…now that was me! 

Long story short...  I was recruited away by a competitor for more money and opportunity.  I met the man of my dreams, who also has his own personal weight loss story before we met, and we live together with our kids in a foreclosed home that we have been rehabbing and renovating.  

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Weight loss changed the direction and course of my life in such a way that I want to do the same for you.


 Lost 74 Pounds 


There was a point in my life when everything was about what I thought I should be doing and what (I thought) was expected of me by others. I was losing my focus and the joy in my own life.

Thanks to ​Danielle, I was able to dig through the misconceptions that I had, regain my happiness and find out who I am now! I would never have been able to do on my own what ​Danielle and I have done in just a few sessions. The change has been phenomenal

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