“Every single woman that you will read about below has been where you are. The difference is they partnered with me to FINALLY get the weight loss results they dreamed of.”


​Danielle / Your Personal Weight Loss Partner 

Transformed Her Life 100 Pounds Lost

I am ​Danielle. I know that what I do works. I am my own proof. I was a single mom, working full time, successful Financial Advisor, 50+ hours per week and still managed to create a system that helped me lose 100 pounds.

Today I am amazed how my entire life has changed, for the best. I lost 100 pounds, competed in a fitness competition and gained self love and confidence to sore above the rest.

Carrie Lost 75 Pounds

​Danielle is truly someone who helped me get started on my weight loss journey. Her program taught me how to effectively work out and eat correctly and she was there every step of the way. Seriously if you put the effort in she will be there for u! Now I am in the home stretch with about 15-20 pounds to go which will be a total of 100 lbs lost. Seriously people - it isn't easy and it's a long journey. Trust the process and focus on small goals (I only ever look to lose 5 pounds at a time. Then I got that. Take a day off. Then focus on the next). *

Christy Lost 40 Pounds

​Danielle was instrumental in helping me turn my body into what it is today. Embarrassment, success, guilt, achievement, bad influence, goals... These are just a few that come to mind when I see this photo of myself. I was just like a lot of you who are reading this right now. I was 40 pounds heavier than I am now and starting to feel the effects. I had heartburn, I was tired, my pants kept getting tighter and tighter, my knees hurt, I was embarrassed to wear a bathing suit, etc.

 I had tried everything, both diets and exercise, to no avail. And then I met ​Danielle. She made this process attainable for me.  ​Danielle made this process and results attainable for me. She helped me design a healthy diet plan along with an exercise plan that I could handle and look- it worked! *

Autumn's 2.5 Week Transformation

1 week of working with ​Danielle.  I can't exercise a lot (Very very minimized due to a herniated disc) I even got to eat the foods I love. Down 1 inch and 5 pounds.

Just to show you my journey.... This is 2.5 weeks of coaching with ​Daniellle​." I feel so different. My bloating is gone, I have a ton of energy and down 5 pounds! I am SO excited for their group program coming up! I am bringing my man along too!*

Amber Lost 87 Pounds

I am so grateful that I decided to work with ​Danielle. She helped me in ever aspect of losing 87 pounds, even the moments my motivation was tested.

I love looking at my arms in the mirror! I feel a lot more confident in my clothes especially in front of large groups of people. It’s an overall change in lifestyle.

Jennie Lost 50 Pounds

I was over 200lbs and searching for a solution that was actually going to help lose weight and keep the weight off. I looked everywhere and then I found Diamond Body Image. After having a consultation call with ​Danielle, I knew this was my answer. I enrolled in The Get Started Losing Weight Program and after 8 weeks I dropped 32lbs!

The best part of my personalized plan is that ​Daniellegave me the knowledge to change my lifestyle. Now I am proud to say that I have lost a total of 50 lbs and it is all because I learned to live a healthy lifestyle! Thank you ​Danielle!

Laura Lost 72 Pounds

Do you know how you just want someone to understand? Well I found that tonight in ​Danielle.  She listened to what I had to say about the state of my weight and what I KNEW I needed to do but just haven't been. While listening would have probably been enough, Danielle took it to the next level, offering suggestions that I'd never even considered, but are so easy to put into action. She didn't shake her head when i confessed my love for carbs, she didn't make me feel inferior. She spoke to me like a friend and confidante!

I actually think my fat is worried - it can feel the change in me already!! Why struggle to do what you know you should be doing? You have the best resource available to you RIGHT HERE! Just get onto a call with her.*

More Pounds Lost


​Danielle took the anxiety out of dieting. Other diets always made me feel like I was on the brink of failure and I would just give up. I was frustrated and disappointed in myself for not sticking to it.

But when ​Danielle I started working together and she customized a plan for me, I lost 50 pounds and feel the best I have ever felt my entire life.


There was a point in my life when everything was about what I thought I should be doing and what (I thought) was expected of me by others. I was losing my focus and the joy in my own life. Thanks to ​Danielle, I was able to dig through the misconceptions that I had, regain my happiness and find out who I am now! I would never have been able to do on my own what ​Danielle and I have done in just a few sessions. The change has been phenomenal.


I wish I would have done this 5 years ago. ​Danielle's personal plan for me and my hectic life, I was finally able to break the constant ups and down of weight loss.

 I lost 43 pounds and 6 inches off my waist. Seriously, if you want to lose weight you need to work with ​Danielle.


The secret to dropping the weight while working full-time was eating real food! ​Danielle put together a customized plan for me that I could actually stick with.  She introduced me to  meal prep, which was critical!

I was able to lose the weight even with me hectic travel schedule and my busy family.


I want you to be as successful in your health, just like you are in all the other areas of your life...