4 Reasons Why We Experience Seasonal Weight Gain

This winter was a tough one for me! Not that we got a lot of snow or ice, but that the scale was not my friend AT ALL! This is not the first winter that I packed on a few extra pounds however! Winter weight gain… it affects a lot of people even a weight loss coach. Seasonal weight gain is true!

Why does this happen?

Vitamin D-

2/3’s of the U.S. starts losing a few minutes of sunshine each day. It starts getting colder and that means we have less vitamin D. This is a crucial vitamin to weight loss and weight management!

When  you have less vitamin D in your body your hormone levels change.  The level of Melotinin in your body increases and levels of Serotonin decreases. When these two hormone levels are off it causes you to become tired, sluggish, anxious and even depressed. Every have a day where you just have the BLAH’s? This maybe why… All of these cause stress in our bodies and higher stress = weight issues!

Meltonin is a hormone that is produced by our bodies that controls our bodies “time clock”. What this means is that daytime levels of Melatonin are lower than night time, which causes us to get sleepy. This is affected by the amount of light we are getting. So in the summer Meltonin during the day is much lower than in a typical day in the winter, which causes us to be on the lazy side.

Seratonin is considered the natural mood stabilizer. It helps with sleeping, eating, and digestion. Serotonin helps reduce depression and anxiety, plus much more.


Cold Outside-

Who wants to go outside when it is 15 degrees? Not Me! So this causes us to allow laziness. We bundle up and sit on the couch after dinner instead of going for a walk or being active. (Think about the vitamin d link here).

If you go, sometimes days, without seeing the sun, how happy are you feeling? How positive are you feeling? Do you really want to be active or sit in front of the couch with comfort food in your lap? Even if you do not go outside, sit by a window and get some UV rays… Make yourself be active.


Thrifty Jean Hyposis-

Just as bears, squirrels and many more animals do, so did our ancestors…. Pack on extra fat in the fall. Naturally as winter approached, animals know and our ancestors knew that there was going to be less food available and it was going to get cold. The extra layer of fat keeps us warm and takes care of the less food issue.

However, back then they did not have the convenience of having a Super Walmart right around the corner. The mentality has stuck with us through all of these years and we need to break that way of thinking. The average person gains 4-7 pounds in the winter time and I know that this is a big reason why.



Parties, cakes, cookies, wine, sweet potato pie, you get it… Holiday food! I dread Christmas only because of the variety of junk food surrounding me EVERY WHERE I go! Then, if you don’t try the cookies that your sister in law made, look out! Stand your ground and know how to say no. You have to exercise control over your decisions and your portions. Here is a blog we wrote about the holiday season (click here)


These are all very valid reasons that people gain weight in the winter. There has to be a way to break the cycle though and that is why Alex and I recorded a podcast that will tell you exactly what you need to do to break your cycle of winter weight gain for good!


Author: Avril Baxter

Avril Baxter is a professional online personal trainer & weight loss coach. Avril is helping hundreds of people lose weight fast by being personally involved with each client for support in healthy eating, fitness workout videos, and continuous encouragement to help them reach their weight loss goals.

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