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Weight Loss For Women

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Join Me in a Conversation and lets see if the online Personal Weight Loss Coaching Program is a right fit for both of us.

I’ve done as much as I can up to this point. If you continue doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting the same results.

The truth is, if you knew how to get the body you wanted on your own, you would have done it by now. But there is something holding you back.  I’ll help you get unstuck and progressing forward. It just makes more sense to work with a Weight Loss Coach who has a proven track record for success.  YOUR WEIGHT IS A REFLECTION OF YOUR THINKING. Take back control.

On this call we will discuss

  • You and your unique situation
  • Your health history and future health and weight loss goals 
  • Your motivation for making this decision to change
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    What you have tried in the past to lose weight
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    How I can help you reach your goals, stay motivated and be accountable with getting the body that you have been dreaming about!

"I lost 43 pounds and 6 inches off my waist. Seriously, if you want to lose weight you need to work with Danielle."


My name is Danielle. I am a mom, author, weight loss coach and creator of the “Diamond Body Image Process™.

I work with strong and determined women with busy lives, who’ve let themselves go for years due to work or taking care of their family. And because of this they are struggling with…

  • Standing on your bathroom scale and seeing you are at your highest weight ever so you’ve decided to lose the weight but you don’t know HOW.
  • The shame of being overweight is holding you back from being in family photos or videos
  • Feel frustrated, fat and uncomfortable because your pants are too tight.
  • Feeling embarrassed to be naked in front of your husband and causing you to not be intimate with him yet you want to build a strong bond for a lasting relationship. 

And secretly they feel ashamed and embarrassed about their weight. And if they were really honest they would say even though they look happy on the outside, on the inside they feel like a big fat failure and lack the confidence they once had.

For these women, I provide a safe, caring environment for them to be completely honest and open their feelings and fears. I empower them to stop making excuses and blaming their circumstances for being overweight, and instead take personal responsibility for their weight loss, so they can achieve their ideal weight, feel more confident and energized and be their best version of themselves.

I teach my clients simple ways to change their eating habits, exercise habits and transform their mindset through my Diamond Body Image Process™ for long lasting weight loss.

My caring, direct and motivational coaching style inspires women to take action and become the best version of themselves. I teach weight loss from my personal experience. I’ve lost 100 lbs and I’ve kept it off for 7 years. My clients say they feel understood, heard, motivated and they see real results. The profound confidence in each client through weight loss is life changing.

What Others Say


I am so grateful that I decided to work with ​Danielle. She helped me in ever aspect of losing 87 pounds, even the moments my motivation was tested.

I love looking at my arms in the mirror! I feel a lot more confident in my clothes especially in front of large groups of people. It’s an overall change in lifestyle.


Lost 87 Pounds


I was over 200lbs and searching for a solution that was actually going to help lose weight and keep the weight off. 

The best part of my personalized plan is that Danielle gave me the knowledge to change my lifestyle. Now I am proud to say that I have lost a total of 50 lbs and it is all because I learned to live a healthy lifestyle! Thank you Danielle!

Lost 50 Pounds


The secret to dropping the weight while working full-time was eating real food! ​Danielle put together a customized plan for me that I could actually stick with.  She introduced me to  meal prep, which was critical!

I was able to lose the weight even with me hectic travel schedule and my busy family.

Lost 114 Pounds

Do you want to continue to live your life hiding? Feeling unhappy? In complete doubt of the possibilities? Like your weight is taking the enjoyment of of life? Or do you want to live feeling attractive, full of confidence, full of energy and experiencing all of the things on your bucket list?

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