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5 Quick Tips for Holiday Season Weight Loss With Recipes

Hey there! Not sure if you realized this, but we are 8 weeks away from Christmas (at the time of writing of course) and I just KNOW that you might be a little worried about how to keep on the holiday season weight loss “wagon” or how to even start losing some weight over the upcoming months (You know New

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Spring Forward With Your Weight Loss Podcast Episode 69

Download This Episode Now  Spring is coming and that means that summer is soon to follow! Avril and Alex love the summer now, but in their overweight days, not so much! Don’t hate the summer because it means shorts, tank tops, and bating suits! Take actin with these 4 tips to spring forward with your weight loss and love the

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Are You Confused with Weight Loss Program Numbers?

At the beginning of any weight loss program, the issue of counting, tracking and journaling numbers is always an issue.  Some weight loss programs brag about not counting calories.   Other weight loss programs invent their own point systems.  It leads a person to be confused if they should track their numbers.   Further confusion is created by not knowing

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Your Weight Loss Questions Answered

Download This Episode NowToday Avril and Alex are answering your top weight loss questions. From time management, all the way to increasing protein and losing weight faster as a vegetarian. Get started with this all in 1 weight loss guide! Make sure to join our Facebook group the Get Started Losing Weight Support Group Visit our website and checkout The

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5 Tips To Set Weight Loss New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year in which we reflect on the past year and think about the year ahead of us.  Maybe I am just getting old, but man does it seem like time just zips by.  2016 was filled with plenty of highs and lows, but the one thing I want to resolve to do more of in 2017

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Stress and Weight Gain: How To Stop It Part 2

Stress is one of the biggest contributors to weight gain. Stress happens to all of us no matter what age you are. However, when you are in your midlife, our bodies may react a bit different to how it handles the stress in our life.   But I have not changed anything…. If your pants seem to be getting tighter

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Emotions VS Food- Why We Are Overweight

The Mindset to overcome Emotional Eating… Emotional eating  affects 75% of the population, however most of think that food is the issue for being over weight. Think about it – Is food really the cause that people are overweight? Is nearly 66% of just the population in the United States overweight simply because we eat to much? Are we addicted

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Why Is Getting Started With Weight Loss So Hard?

Why is getting started with weight loss so hard? Getting started with weight loss is confusing and frankly quite overwhelming! There is a ton of information out there that claims to be “The Solution.” They do not work and you end up just getting frustrated. There is no magic pill to make starting your journey easy. Starting something new is

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Losing Weight The Wrong Way, A Near Death Experience: Interview With Julie

Link to the audio: https://soundcloud.com/diamondbodyimage/losing-weight-the-wrong-way-a-near-death-experience-interview-with-julie-episode-52   Show Notes Episode 52: Losing Weight The Wrong Way, A Near Death Experience: Interview With Julie Avril and Alex interview Julie, an online Yoga instructor. In Julie’s younger days used food as comfort and ended up gaining over 50LBS. Through her many attempts with weight loss and having a near death experience with a

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Episode 42- Hit Your Weight Loss Goals Head On: Get Started Losing Weight

Show Notes Episode 42: https://soundcloud.com/reformed-fat-ass/hit-your-weight-loss-goals-head-on/s-kRCzj In this episode Avril and Alex talk about the recent challenge they were faced with and how they hit in head on. With the filming now in process for The Get Started Losing Weight Program, they talk about why this program is different than any other. Losing weight is never easy and they know this

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