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Right now it feels as if you’re running on empty.  You’re fed up with failing time and again because there is not a way to get healthy that fits in with YOUR lifestyle. It’s time to change that and claim the healthy life you deserve.  

You only dream of walking into a room and everyone just feels the confidence vibes that gleam off from your healthy smile. You dream that you feel comfortable in all of your clothes. You dream of taking that beach vacation and actually putting on a swimsuit!

 We know that for you those things seem so far away. You’re constantly pouring money into fad diets and quick fixes to see no results. If you’re 100% honest, you will admit that you’re thinking “This is just the way it is supposed to be” and about ready to give up. Don’t give up! We want you to know that as your online personal trainer, we can help.

We are Avril and Alex we are your weight loss coach mentors

We coach clients that are ready to transform their lifestyle to a healthier one

We have maintained our weight loss for 6 years

We have developed an easy weight loss program for busy men and women

We still live life, enjoy food, and

We serve as health mentors for individuals, couples and families

“Avril was instrumental in helping me turn my body into what it is today. She is an amazing weight loss coach. They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Embarrassment, success, guilt, achievement, bad influence, goals… These are just a few that come to mind when I see this photo of myself. I was just like a lot of you who are reading this right now. While many said I looked, “just fine”, I still felt like I wasn’t being the best version of myself. Something I strive for every day in all areas of my life. I was almost 30 pounds heavier than I am now and starting to feel the effects. I had heartburn, I was tired, my pants kept getting tighter and tighter, my knees hurt, I was embarrassed to wear a bathing suit, etc. it’s amazing the effect of just a little bit of extra weight can have on you psychologically and physically. I had tried everything, both diets and exercise, to no avail. And then I met Avril. They say, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”. Avril made this process attainable for me. It wasn’t easy but I’ll be honest, it wasn’t very difficult either. Avril made this process and results attainable for me. She helped me design a healthy diet plan along with an weight loss program that I could handle and look- it worked! When I look at this photo, I almost can’t believe the transformation.”

**Results May Vary from Person to Person

So, you look at us now, you see the weight loss transformation we made and you think “Yeah, that is easy for them to say”… The truth is, we have been right where you are now! Let us tell you a story…

Six years ago Avril weighed 215lbs.

**Results May Vary from Person to Person

6 years ago Alex weighed 220lbs.

**Results May Vary from Person to Person

We went from overweight to fit. We have helped many others make this transformation work and stick in their everyday lives. We believe that you should still enjoy the things you enjoy! The approach we use to help you is completely personalized to YOUR LIFE, because one size fits nobody!

More About Your Weight Loss Coach & Online Personal Trainer

Our Kids

We have three kids, Reagan 15, Kalyston 11, and Jackson 9.

Our Lives 360°

We have a super busy life, from kids sports, volunteer work, and helping others.

Needed Change

We were both chubby kids and realized as adults that we needed to change for our children.

Music In The Air

We love to listen to classic rock and sometimes, for a break, we karaoke in the car together.

Truth not Humor

We believe in helping others with the truth, we are here to help you not humor you.

Love & Support

We have a loving and supportive relationship and we are really proud of that.

We are here for you, your personal weight loss coach. Contact us for your FREE consultation.