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This Is My Story. From Mr. UnFit to Mr. Fitness

Alex's Story


I am 42 years old, 5’10” and 175-180 lbs. with a muscular toned body, but it doesn’t come naturally. I was always a plump kid. My junior year of high school I was a flabby 215 lbs. Fast-forward through my mid-30s and a lifetime of excessive eating and poor dietary habits had me bulging at 225 lbs.

Then on Easter Sunday of 2007 when I saw myself in photos, I had what alcoholics refer to as a “moment of clarity”. I knew I had to change. My weight was a problem. I looked like crap. I felt like shit. I was done being a gluttonous man.

The next day I started to diet.  I wasn’t really sure where to start, but had a basic plan of only eating portion sized frozen meals. More importantly I had a deep internal desire to lose weight.  As I dieted, I learned an enormous amount about food and nutrition.  I realized the mistakes I was making.  I reoriented my thinking about food.   More importantly I learned how my improving physical health positively changed other aspects of my life.

**Results May Vary from Person to Person


Isn’t there always something in our childhoods that we can blame our problems on? My folks had 5 athletic, active boys and I was the youngest son. Dinnertime at our house was all about quantity and who could get the most. It was practically competitive eating.

Being the youngest and very competitive I had to work extra hard to get as much as I could. Eat fast and efficiently or there may not be any seconds. I developed numerous bad habits and a poor psychological connection to food.

Another reason I was plump as a child was that I loved to cook. It was my art and how I could express my creativity. So whenever my parents were out of the house, I would indulge in food and create something. Of course I ate it. Eating was what I associated with pleasure and achievement.


High school wasn’t my thing. I was a late bloomer. As captain of the Speech & Debate team, I sat in class and read US News & World Report and Newsweek from front to back every week. I could talk conversantly about economic policy and world affairs more than I could talk to girls.

To make matters worse I worked at McDonald’s and I loved Mickey D’s food. I ate before my shift, after my shift or whenever I could sneak a few chicken nuggets into the walk in fridge. By my junior year I was pushing 215lbs on a pudgy 5’7” frame.


After a plump freshman year with little social success, over the summer I worked at a moving and storage company. Everyday was moving day. Heavy, constant movement usually lasting 10 -12 hours in the midwestern hot and humid summer conditions. I lost about 20lbs without even trying.

When I went back to campus I received countless number of compliments, especially from the co-eds. Back in those days the healthy craze was to eliminate fat in your diet. It was conventional wisdom that fats made you fat, so I ate pasta, rice and fat free or low fat cheese. I lost weight mostly because I was in my early 20s, but it messed up my hormones and didn’t give me any muscle tone.

All Grown Up

Then came adult life. I worked a lot and got married. We had a child. Year after year the pounds kept slowly adding on. Had another child and some professional success which meant that my income allowed us an abundance of food, heavy premium beers and the ability to eat out often.

I was having significant lower back pain, which caused me difficulty doing simple things like mowing the yard, playing with the kids or even tying my shoes. I chalked it to being a residual from all those summer days of moving couches or a chest of drawers up a flight of stairs. The situation was starting to spiral because the only time I found relief was when I drank numerous beers.

Fat Easter

Easter Sunday of 2007 as I sat completely bloated from a Saturday of indulging in pizza and excessive amounts of beer. My pants felt too tight and the collar of my shirt was choking me. I realized I had to change. Something had to give. I looked like hell and felt just as worse.

We did an Easter egg hunt with the kids and when I saw myself in those pictures, I was ashamed of myself. What a glutinous, fat ass I had allowed myself to become. I thought about how I eat whatever I want and usually as much as I can. I drank copious amounts of high calorie beer almost every night. Is this the father I want to be? Is this the life I want to live?

I weighted 225l bs and set a goal of 200 lbs. For the next 40 days I ate soup, salad and Lean Cuisines. It was painful. After I ate I was still hungry and sober. It absolutely sucked, but I was getting results.

The Diet

I repeated my previous diet of starving myself with small portions for a period of a few weeks to achieve the next level down. Eventually I was 185, then 175. I ramped up my exercise routine by doing P90X. By now, few people thought of me as fat. I changed jobs and my new co-workers had never seen the 225lbs Alex. I noticed that people treated me differently.

I was around 175lbs when my wife and I divorced. I was entering a new chapter in my life and I wanted to be ready for it. This is when I took my diet and exercise skills to a whole new level and I dropped down to 165lbs. By now I had learned how not to diet, but to eat clean and healthy all the time

In a few short sentences I cannot describe to you how my circumstances changed. My confidence level with my co-workers sky rocketed. The way strangers, especially the ladies, looked at and treated me was noticeable. I was brimming with energy and enthusiasm and that permeated every aspect of my life in a remarkable way.

Then I met Avril. She too was divorced and was totally into a healthy lifestyle. Neither on of us had ever seen or knew the old fat asses they we both had been. It was several weeks into our courtship process that we confessed to each other that we had been significantly overweight. That was hilarious!

This Is Now


alex-avril-fitness-coachI am blessed to have the perfect life companion in Avril. Together we have been able to master our weight issues thorough a healthy fit life of the right diet and exercise. With further research and study we have crafted numerous methods to keep the weight off while living a complete life.

I do a custom workout with the core elements of weight lifting, agility and cardiovascular all designed to keep my calorie burn up and a toned body that is functionally strong. 85-90% of the time I eat very healthy meals of nutritious food with the right portion size. I feel better when I do and like crap when I eat like the old Alex.

The unbelievable thing is that eating unhealthy foods to excess loses its appeal. Feeling stuffed and bloated becomes a nasty feeling you want to avoid. High calorie, high carb foods don’t mean as much to me as looking good. You learn the self-control to have a reasonable portion size and the palate for healthy foods.

My Challenge

Try a new lifestyle for 8 weeks.  You have your entire life in front of you.  If you are unhappy with your physical appearance due to weight, why not try. Just try it.  You can do it if you want to. The only thing you will ever regret is not doing this.  If slimming down and feeling better gets too annoying you can always go back to being overweight and out of shape.

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