My Insights into Weight Loss

Whatever your reason for not scheduling your complimentary and confidential weight loss consultation call with me, I still want to help you! Through my 100 pound weight loss journey and with working with my  clients, I have developed a core philosophy  about  weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle.

Avril Believes

No, complicated rules to follow…

No, working out until you want to die…

No, more fighting your willpower…

No, one 'diet' with work for everyone...

Yes, you can drink wine and lose weight....

Yes, you can do this with the right motivation...

Yes, you can do this with my support...

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My Secret To Losing 100 Pounds That Will Benefit You

​Day 1 

​Day 2

​Day 3

These video tutorials contain a daily actionable step that you can take to improve your weight loss results.


I created The One Thing Method to take the mystery out of what it takes to start losing weight.

Guess what! There are 2 more actionable  videos plus a BONUS weight loss booster video that I want to share with you to make losing weight doable for you.

Stop Wasting Time 
It's Time To Let Your Inner Diamond Shine


Weight Loss Doesn't Have To Be So Complicated
In The Next 3 Videos I Share More Secrets About How To Get Faster, More Sustainable Results

​You're Ready For A Change...

You are so exhausted… so frustrated… so overwhelmed… from all of these complicated, restricitve diets....

Losing weight does not mean that you have to stop enjoying life or be completely inconvenienced by eating at set times, counting points or complex meal plans. Nor does it mean that you have to train like an Olympic Athlete. It means you have to make small, smart changes in your daily routine.

Little change make all the difference in your results

Seven years and 100 pounds ago, I discovered the secret to realistic, healthy eating. I just started making little changes in the way that I ate. Guess what? It worked! 

 My friends started to notice me smiling more. I started getting compliments and questions from other people!  They asked me “How the heck are you losing weight and actually getting happier instead of just more frustrated and tired of dieting?” When I would share my new way of eating, they were amazed it was so simple.


Stop starving yourself. Stop depriving yourself.

What if there is a way for you to start making little changes in the way that you eat, so that you to can lose the weight for good?

I can show you how to eat the foods you love, but in a smarter way, that will leave you feeling full and satisfied, but also seeing real results on the scale.*

That is exactly why I created something really cool for you and it’s called The One Thing Method.


Don't miss out on the next 2 days of actionable "The One Thing Method" tutorial videos.

Plus the BONUS tutorial "The Weight Loss Booster"

I believe in you, now you have to believe in you


Lost 15 pounds 


Admittedly, I began to think there was something wrong with me. I am a do-er, a problem solver. Someone who gets results, but I just seem to get me weight loss goals under control. I felt anxious because if I failed another diet the though of despair wold keep me locked in an unhealthy pattern of doing nothing. After trying The One Thing Method, I had a awakening at how to do it. Thank you Avril!

Avril Baxter is truly someone who helped me get started on my weight loss journey. Her program taught me how to effectively work out and eat correctly and she was there every step of the way. If you put the effort in she will be there for u! Now I am at a total of 100lbs lost. It isn't easy and it's a long journey. Trust the process and focus on small goals.*

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​It's time to see results. It's time to let your inner diamond shine